Many times your leaky basement can be repaired at a minimal cost to the home owner. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars installing a costly basement system. That requires a sump pump and digging a drainage system in the interior of your basement. It can be resolved simply by injecting the foundation cracks with urethane foam or epoxy.


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This is a low cost solution for water intrusion in your basement.

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The foundation is one of your homes most important structural assets.  It requires maintenance just like your vehicle, and maintaining and preventing damage to it is of the up-most importance. A1 Epoxy repairs foundation cracks reasonably and provides a free evaluation to what has caused any damage. In addition we’ll also look for any signs of future damage such as  drainage, earth erosion, landscaping, and grading.   Questions? Give us a call today.

First, an epoxy is applied over the crack, along with surface ports, then an expandable urethane foam is injected. At A1 Epoxy we us a specially engineered urethane foam. It reacts with water causing the urethane to expand. The polyurethane remains pliable enough to allow for normal expansion and contraction. Stopping water intrusion. Depending on the application, a structural grade epoxy is sometimes injected into the crack to increase the structural integrity of the concrete.

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A1 Epoxy has been serving the tri-state, and Greater Cincinnati area for over ten years.  Our trained and dedicated staff has years of experience in identifying structural issues in foundations. Waterproofing can be costly.  Epoxy or urethane foam injection is the most cost effective alternative that will save you thousands of dollars.  Homeowners, inspectors, realtors, and structural engineers depend on A1 to fix these serious problems.  Our reputation is spotless.  Hear from our customers! Questions? Be sure to call us at (513)598-611 or simply get started today by filling our our form for a free estimate.

Most Common Reasons for Cracks in Your Foundation:

Drought / Shrinkage –

This is when the soil drys out and creates a void next to the foundation allowing water to build up between the foundation and soil causing pressure which can result in a crack.

Structural Problems –

Such as steps, decks, and cement slabs pushing on the foundation.

Soil Saturation-

Just as it sounds.  When too much water enters the soil the footings settle causing the walls to crack.  Some leading causes may be poor drainage, or bad gutters.

Stress Points –

Anytime a contractor drills through concrete for utilities, cable, plumbing etc… It can cause weak areas in the foundation leading to cracks.

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