Most Common Reasons for Cracks in Your Foundation:

Drought –

The good news is that there is not enough water for intrusion, however when the drought ends you may be in serious trouble. During a drought the soil will shrink and cause the walls to move outward, and the footings may settle. Also referred to soil desiccation.  It’s normally caused when trees and shrubs extend roots in search of water.

Shrinkage –

The type of concrete used to pour foundation may impact shrinkage.  Yes, water is used to cure concrete. When it dries there may be some contraction. Which may also lead to cracks in your foundation.

Soil Saturation-

Just as it sounds.  When too much water enters the soil the footings settle causing the walls to crack.  Some leading causes may be poor drainage, or bad gutters.

Stress Points –

Anytime a contractor drills through concrete for utilities, cable, plumbing etc… It can cause weak areas in the foundation leading to cracks.